The Overlanders


The Overlanders

Ever wondered what it's like to surf down an active volcano in Central America? Watch the sunrise break, standing in a hot air balloon that soars over the Serengeti in Africa? Feel the wind in your hair as you drive the infamous Route 66 across the USA? Taste sea-horse, lizard, cockroaches and other unusual treats through Asia? Dive with hundreds of hammerheads, whale sharks and manta rays in the Pacific? Fall asleep to the sounds of the Amazon in South America? Discover the meaning of 'paradise' as you island hop across Australasia? 

Here, I show you where is hot to visit (giving an honest account of the pros and cons of the places, activities and sights); the practical element to overlanding these countries; what life is really like travelling/living in a tin box with a partner (then splitting up); and the trials and tribulations that these trips bring along the way.  My aim is to show you how to do it independently and get the most out of your adventure, so you too can embrace my travel mantra of:

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.

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Where Are The Overlanders Now? 

I get asked this a lot, so to make it easier for you, I will put regular updates here as to where I am, what I might be doing in a particular place and a rough idea of how long I plan to be there...unless I find a nice beach... then it's anyone's guess! 

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01 September 2015

I am now off to Ukraine, where I will be basing myself as I travel around Eastern Europe for the next 4 months.  I'll be picking up my new vehicle and preparing him/her for the next expedition - Overland South America .  Watch this space for updates on my adventures and preview of my new little van :) .

01 June 2015

This weekend I got back in the overlanding spirit and went on a mini adventure from Bishkek, Kyrgztstan to Almaty, Kazakhstan.  I was picked up to meet Naija (the 1996 Landy).  I thought Dougal was in an unhealthy condition, but after ploughing through 44 countries, Naija was in duct-tape hell. 

The locals brought out the vodka shots, and well, when in Rome, 2 hrs later with no sleep I was wasted (and you can see my sorry state in the picture). We eventually got the van towed to a hostel. However, during the journey, the mattress and the mat (that stupidly we forgot to secure) flew off in the road. Whilst the guys retrieved the mattress, I went to get the mat and some idiot drove into me. The vodka protected me; I'm completely fine. Ironically, after all that s**t, we actually left the mat in the tow truck…never to be seen again. 

The next day, Naija was miraculously 'fixed' (ish). When we got to the border, we made fake casts around our limbs, so we could escape the mission of having to unpack the whole van for customs. Totally worked and we skipped the queues too. Another overlanding tips continue ;) .

However, the van broke down a couple of hours past the border in the middle of nowhere. Admitting defeat we tried to sleep in the van…at the side of the road…in a thunder storm…with no heating…and the usual Landy door gaps seeping in the cold air and water. We lasted 1 hour. Filthy, wet and cold, a final attempt at fixing the van seemed the only way to not prolong the agony. At 5am we limped along in 2nd gear doing 15mph and finally made to Almaty. 

So, yeah, just the usual overlanding antics…

15 April 2015

So this comes with deep sadness to say that Gwyn will no longer be part of The Overlanders due to a relationship break down.  Long story short, after four years travelling the world together, I found out (on an epic scale) that he was cheating on me.  I am sorry to disappoint and for the rather 'airing the dirty laundry' status, but I'll only get messages about it and it'd rather deal with it all at once.

However, the show will go on with myself and the rest of the crew who decide to travel with me.

Thanks for the support x

01 January 2015

The Christmas period was a strange one this year -  I swapped my skis for bikinis and worked for the royals in Thailand, teaching their little brats.   I am now leaving to work in Kazakhstan on a 6-month contract to top up the travel fund.  

The re-build will commence on Kermit in a few weeks, preparing him for the next expedition - Overland South America 

10 September 2014 : Mini Overland South America finished

The trial Overland South America Expedition is over.  Kermit on the whole was a great success and was much more reliable than Dougal, but there are a few things that need to be changed to in order to test the long duration 2 year trip.  Stay tuned to see what modifications go underway...

20 August 2014

Ecuador is the next country on the mini South America expedition.  Gwyn and I will be leaving Kermit for two weeks - spending the first eight days on a first-class Livaboard around the Galapagos Islands and then we will go on own independent land tour of the islands.  Can.  Not.  Wait.

06 July 2014

Peru: the inca trail, Machu Pichu, sand boarding, Nazca lines, surfing, hikes.  Peru was an action packed itinerary!