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To Plan Or Not To Plan?

There's often a split opinion between travellers who want to wing-it on their adventures and go with the flow, or those who believe that planning wins out. From experience of travelling both styles, we are now converted to the latter way of exploring and a contend that a smart traveller reads up before they go. We have found that travellers who do this, often get more out of the visiting country; get to do more activities/see more sights; avoid uncomfortable, difficult or dangers situations; generally save money; and it tends to be less stressful. The majority of people who contact us usually want advice about planning their dream trips.  It can be hard to know where to start, so with this in mind, we have put together a little pack to help fellow travellers EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE and ENJOY more on their adventures.

(Please note that this section is a 'work in progress' and new stuff will be added all the time)

Not All who wonder are lost 

Dedicated to all those travellers/wanderers who’d rather use words than stick two fingers up at the play haters of this exploring lark.  Happy travels people.

San Blas Islands: Tips On Entering Paradise. 

Going from Panama to Colombia or vice versa and contemplating hopping through the San Blas islands or already booked on and need some advice? Click this article for a comprehensive guide, which will hopefully have all your FAQ’s answered and more.

Best 'Worst' Nights Sleep.

After telling these tales so many times, we had to put fingers to keyboard and give you our top 3 best ‘worst’ nights sleep ever on our travels so far.  We love hearing funny and interesting stories too, so share the love and laughter and add to the forum at the bottom of the page. 

Make or Break: Travelling as a Couple.

Here are my top 10 tips to help make, not break each other, by creating a foundation of respect, understanding, co-operation, teamwork and incredible memories to fall back on when the times are tough.

The Overlanders Guide To Cheap Flights.

So you wanna go someplace? And you want getting there to be cheap?  Here is The Overlanders guide to getting more bang for your buck when flying. 

The Overlanders Guide To Shipping Your Car Abroad.

Decided you want to go on an overland expedition? Not sure how you are going to get your car there?  Here is our guide to shipping your vehicle. 

Traveller Profiles 

Having met many other over landers on the road, we bring you some of the profiles of the people we have met, what they are travelling in and a few tales from their travels so far.

Hippie Van Man

Meet Aaron, the free spirit behind Hippie Van Man.  Aaron is a freelance web developer and photographer from Toronto, Canada.  He has been travelling the World off-and-on since 2008.  Read more here.


Travelling Weasels

Meet Tanbay and Laura aka The Travelling Weasels, a 20-something year old Anglo/German couple.  Like many others they're not interested in a nine to five/ working for the man type of life.   There here to travel the world and want to spend as much time with each other as they can, in as many different places as possible.  Click on them to find out more.


You have to follow these two awesome chicks all the way from California who are  riding their Suzuki DRZ400 motorcycles all the way to Argentina!