Saturday 9th November 2013

Well, the border crossing was quick and hassle-free. You can pay the tourist tax at the border and they also sort out a 'clean' of the car (it's just a spray) and insurance there too (it's pricey per day, but cheap if you insure for a week, month, etc - enquire as to the best deals). Don't forget to cancel the vehicle permit here too.

The 25km off-roading to Lamanai was completely worth it.

Onwards and upwards. We visited Corozal and Orange Walk, before reaching Lamanai. The 25km off-roading was completely worth it. Not only did we pass through strange farming villages with curious Messinite people, but there was some weird bird gathering (think Alfred Hitchcock), and finally to have ruins set by the river, deep in the rainforest, all by ourselves. There was a boat tour that we could've got had we been at its departure point at 9:30am, but at only $5usd entry and a whopping $90usd for a river cruise, we are glad we did it ourselves. 

On our way to Belize City, the storm came and Dougal leaked. Wet feet. We headed to Princess Hotel to use their wi-fi to sort the Blue Hole out. The hotel is actually pretty cool for a night out - it has a casino, nightclub, bowling alley and cinema (although the films are a few months behind European listings). The doorman also sorted us a free secure parking spot for a few days, whilst we headed to the Cages.