After leaving Caulker, we walked around Belize city. Yet again, it absolutely chucked it down and we were soaked. Unfortunately, when we went to pick up the van, we had forgotten to wash up the meal we had the night before we went to the islands and we had flies and maggots over the sink. Disgusting. Whilst Gwyn bleached the hell out of van, I went to do the laundry.

We stopped off at the Belikin brewery and then went to Altun Ha ruins, which was absolutely packed with cruise ship tourists. We managed to get in free, as someone pushed us through as part of a cruise ship tour (lucky for us). Despite these ruins being Belize's most famous (or rather most popular due to being conveniently located to Belize City), it was the least impressive ruins we had seen. It was also rather small, consisting of two main plazas.

After, we went to the Community Baboon Sanctuary, which included a one-hour guided walk in the admission price. The guy was really knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, and the highlight was wild howler monkey's climbing over us. So cute. Warning: mind your feet as there as fire ants everywhere.  We found out the hard way...

We wanted to get to Dangriga before dinner, so we took the seemingly quick route via Manatee highway, despite my reservations, given it was a rough start on the pot-hole assault course. Sod's law - we got a puncture. There was none of the 'I told you so'; we worked together, so we could get out of the jungle before it went completely pitch black. We finally made it to Dangriga, where we had dinner by the sea.