Blue Hole diving day finally. We booked with Amigos del Mar, who gave us a discount because we paid in cash and then a further one, because of my powers of persuasion. Pays to be cheeky. BUT it was still a painful $260usd pp (not including the $40usd national park fee). It was an early pick-up at 5:30am, but breakfast was included. The first dive was the Blue Hole itself. No doubt it would look even more amazing from a aerial viewpoint, but you could still see the outline and the changes of colour/edge just on the boat. The dive itself, doesn't have a lot of marine life, but it's home to huge stalactites and a lot of Caribbean Reef sharks. Cool to see. AND I got narcosis for the first time (feeling drunk underwater). Loved it hehe. The second dive (Half Moon) was our favourite and apparently one of top spots in the world. In fairness, it was one of the best dives we have ever both done. The variety of hard and soft corals was unbelievable and with it came eels, barracudas, lion fish, box fish, lobster, lemon sharks, and a lot of colourful fish. We then had lunch on a deserted island, which was yummy - curried chicken, rice and beans, sweet mashed potato. Naturally, we got our monies worth…or tried to. We did a short walk across the island and saw huge iguanas and red boobie birds (Gwyn just likes the word). On the third dive (The Aquarium) was much the same as before, but not as much action going on.

The boat was really rough coming back and as I went to toilet, the boat rocked violently and the worse happened…I actually fell into the toilet. Grim.

All in all, this is not a cheap day out and if we are honest, it probably is overpriced for what you get, but we met some interesting people, had great food, awesome dives, perfect weather and it wouldn't be right coming all the way to Belize and not dive the Blue Hole. No regrets.

By the time we got back, we headed to a beach restaurant and I had the coconut couch everyone has been banging on about. It was alright, but Gwyn's snapper fish dish won this time.