Gwyn went down to the port to start the process with getting Dougal out. 

In the meantime, I did some research, then we went to see Stuart at Mamallena hostel, regarding the San Blas trip. Other people in the group also expressed their disappointment in the trip, not only at the food, but the attitude of the first mate (Ricardo) that was rude and sexist throughout.  Speaking on behalf of the group, to get some refund (ie last 2 days=$115usd per person per day), Stuart advised I go see Jules (the captain) in person after he spoke to him on the phone.  If you want more information on the San Blas trip as a whole, then read this article

When Gwyn came back, we got a taxi to Jules and Ricardo. The 'discussion' didn't exactly go according to plan. We explained the situation with the food, that not only was it horrendous after day 3, but we paid for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that is not what we got. We also explained, we upgraded to a cabin with an en-suite. It was broken. 3 out of the 4 bathrooms were broken on the boat actually. Jules stated: "It's a 3 day San Blas trip, so you pay for that." The trip was advertised as 5 days in duration and again stated in the agreement. Plus other passengers on other boats had not received the same treatment. He also said he couldn't be bothered running after everyone and it was not his problem. We explained that we had paid $575usd pp. and it was simply not good enough. Ricardo then shouted: "You're not going to get any money from us you f**king b****t". Up until this point, we had not sworn or raised our voices. I put my hand in front of Ricardo's face and said: "I don't want to speak to you." He grabbed my wrist tightly. Naturally, I kicked him so he would get off me…in the balls.  I actually didn't mean to aim there, but it just happened so quick.  Our taxi driver, who had witnessed everything advised us to get in the taxi and also suggested we press for charges for assault with the police. My wrist later bruised. 

We came back to the hotel and put a complaint in with Mamallena hostel. Whether it'll amount to a refund, we don't know. We didn't go to the police, as we leaving tomorrow and it's not worth the grief as we have the van to sort out still. Not the greatest starts to this continent.  This is one of the problems of issues arising in countries like this.  You're kinda fighting a losing battle with refunds and complaints.