Yeah, Colombia. South America journey starts. As soon as we got off the lancha everyone went their separate ways and no one spoke to each other, apart from the American couple and us. Says it all really. 

We got a taxi to take us to the other side of town, where our fellow container shipping buddies had pre-booked an apartment for us all. We found they'd bailed moments before we got there, as we hadn't made an appearance the night before, so they couldn't risk being stuck with an expensive apartment if we didn't turn up. Shame, but understandable. They'd emailed telling us where they were now staying, so we headed there, as it would be easier in the morning regarding all the container business. For $50usd per night, it was the backpacker budget steep-side, but as hostel dorm beds were around $20usd, it made sense. NB Peak season is December and January, so prices are usually double the price, which is unfortunate for us given it's the 29th January!

That evening, we got our passports back from Mamallena hostel (conveniently on the same street as our hotel ie Media Luna) and went out drinking with friends. Can't tell you how much we needed it.  It was good to bond over travel stories with other couples and talk about how stressful travelling be on a relationship.