Finally at midday, we got the van back from the port. We immediately started the epic drive to the border (at Macaio), as our tour in Venezuela starts at 8am tomorrow. The journey takes 7 hours to reach the border, then it's another 7 hours from there to where the tour starts. In typical Dougal style, as we were 20km from the border, we get a flat tyre. The roads are paved and issue free, so we don't know how it happened. Gwyn, fearing it was intentionally caused by people who want to rob us as the vehicle stops, asks me to guard him with the machete as he changes the tyre. It was pitch black by this point and not a car in sight. We were fine though, maybe because I decided to swing the machete around, Bruce Lee style, as a deterrence (but more likely not). Gwyn changed it and we got on our way.

The border crossing from Colombia to Venezuela via Macaio, would've been one of our most fastest and easiest, but of course, things never go to plan with independent over-landing. See, Venezuela for how this panned out.

We have every intention of coming back to Colombia in the near future for a month and to do it properly, so check back then to see how we get on..