With no toilet in our little camper, we often jump out in the morning and go...wherever. There's no shame with overlanding. Today, however, thinking we were in the middle of nowhere, I ran out at 6am completely naked, only to be greeted with a man on a horse. Luckily he missed out on Gwyn's full frontal, or he'd been scarred for life.

We then made our way to Uvita and haggled down a price for a whale watching tour. We paid $50usd if you want a guideline. There's loads of operators, so just be cheeky and put on the 'I'm poor' face. At 8:30am we entered the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. We saw bottlenose dolphins then two humpback whales - a female and her calf. They didn't breach or slap their fins like the males did when we were surfing the other day, but we got really close to them and they were huge. Such graceful animals. As part of the tour, we also went to see turtle island (filled with birds!...there's a lost in translation for you), and caves. We then went snorkelling near the whale's tail part of the national park. The snorkelling was pretty crap, other than seeing a load of huge spotted puffer fish. Overall, the tour was worth it though. Not many places in the world you'd be 3 metres away from humpback whales.

We then drove back up along the coast to San Jose, as we need to pick up parts for Dougal. He's controlling our lives and he needs sorting!