In the morning we made the short journey to Monteverde national park. Just outside the entrance was the hummingbird gallery. It's essentially a gift shop and cafe that has bird feeders hanging outside. It's a freebie and there's loads of hummingbirds about (we saw 10 different varieties). There was a guy giving a lecture and Gwyn was trying to recapture a postcard image he saw (he took over 800 pictures), so we stayed an hour, but for most people it would be a 15 minute stop. They are used to human company and fly around your head and settle on your finger. So cute. 

We then went to Monteverde reserve, which is actually a massive national park, but only 3% is open to the public. We did the majority of the trails (which integrate with each other) in 3 hours. The trails are well maintained and there's a few pretty vistas, waterfall and bird wildlife, but it's not as impressive as we thought it was going to be and at $18usd pp entry, it's definitely one of the most pricey national parks going. The trails are also very samey, so so don't expect much variety. We saw some quetzals and some people did report seeing a sloth, but we just thought it was a moss ball/termite mound. Who knows... 

In the afternoon, we decided against doing the the canopy/zipling at a $77usd pp. The Skytrek tour did look good though and many people we met had a fun time, but we have done loads before and in Honduras we even did a jungle zipling tour, so we decided to go to the coffee and chocolate factory instead. Gwyn also decided to tamper with Dougal to fix the lights. At the moment we either have no lights or full beam. It's kind of sorted. Another temporary fix to add to the list.

Later, we drove to Volcan Poas and camped outside the entrance.