After realising in the morning we couldn't get a permit to stay the night in Corcovado national park (just a day pass), we decided to drive the dirt road to the peninsular (Cabo Matapolo) and spend the day chilling out. We went wading through the rivers and rock pools and chatted to loads of locals about our trip, whilst having an all day BBQ and bonfire. The surf this time of the year isn't the best and the swimming is only safe within the first 5 metres, but the rock pools are massive (big enough to swim in) and it's a good place to relax watching the countless Herons, Scarlett Macaws and howler monkeys in the jungle. This place is a little cut off and you definitely need a 4WD drive to get here. Bring supplies as there's no shops around to stock up and look out for snakes when nature calls.