We tried to find the Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary in Moin, Limon, but after an hour of searching, we gave up and headed to Sloth Sanctuary on the road to Cahuito. You don't get to hold the sloths anymore, so the $25usd 2 hour tour included information about the sloths and meeting the adults and baby sloths in captivity. We then went on a canoe ride through the jungle and spotted wild sloths, birds and monkeys. They only have a few tours a day, so it's worth checking on the website first. Ours was at 11am. The sanctuary was alright - the tour was padded out a bit, but it's good to see the sloths up close.

Further along the road, we went to the Kekoldi iguana farm, which was pretty cool. We'd seen a lot of iguanas already, but some of these were 2 metres in length and beautifully coloured. The babies were in cages, but the adults roamed free with the chickens in the ground. There's also a view point at the back of the pens. For $4usd for a quick stop, we'd recommend it. Plus, we saw two iguanas getting it on! 

We then looked around Parque Nacional Cahuito. The beach was picture postcard perfect. It's entry by donation too. The town itself is pleasant enough, with surf shops and cheap seafood restaurants. Plus you can book a shed load of tours from here to practically everywhere in Costa Rica and even Panama. 

In the evening we went to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and strolled around the town. Things turned a little soar when we kicked off in a pizza restaurant as it took 90 minutes for them to make a pizza, the server was so rude and then they wanted service charge! It was never going to happen. 

We ended the day, camping on the beach.  That's more us.