Another country for Dougal, means another garage. We decided to deal with all his problems, before they escalated, so he had a full day of spa treatments. Finally found a garage that know what they are doing and don't rip us off. Land Rovers are easy to fix in Costa Rica as they are popular (there was even a world record set in November for the most Land Rovers in one place...wish we'd been here). If you have a Land Rover and you're in Costa Rica, we recommend heading to TJM.

We spoke to loads of locals all day, quizzing us on the trip. Some even saw us online and came down to say hi. That was pretty awesome. The powers of Facebook work again. 

$180usd lighter and with a van that doesn't seem like he going to break down anytime soon, we made our way to Puerto Limon. Feels good to have breaks not held together with string anymore :-).