At 8am, we made our way to the entrance of Volcan Poas. The walk to see the main crater was only 5 minutes, with an optional hour round trip to see the lagoon. The crater is cool to see and the lagoon is pretty enough to warrant to short hike. We spent about 1hr 30 minutes in the national park in total, so don't schedule a full day out for it.

Near the Volcano (15km east) is La Paz Waterfall gardens. We were going to go here, but for $40usd for a 2 hour tour, we thought that was steep. It did look really pretty though, but we've seen a lot of amazing waterfalls and had already been to the 'zoo' attractions they have to offer. If we weren't on a long-term trip, we probably would've gone though.

We went to Herida to look around. Like all Costa Rican towns, it lacks any charm. However, we did find a Land Rover specialist to get spare parts for Dougal in the event of his inevitable failings.

We then made our way to Jaco, for surf board and bikini shopping and watching the sunset on the beach (it's a common theme).