The mechanics tried to finish mending Dougal today, but there's a part they need, which they won't be able to get till Monday, when the shops open. This also means that we can't stay in the garage's parking area, as they close on Sundays. The mechanics gave us a lift into Guat City and we managed to get a plush hotel for free (thank you rewards points). The room and bathroom are huge, with proper wi-fi, rather than the usual 2nd/3rd world country wi-fi, which takes 10 years to access your emails.

Unfortunately, Gwyn has lost his phone. We can't find it, so this means both phones are gone now. Seriously bad luck of late.

The highlight of our day has been having the longest shower in history. We spent the evening eating yummy pizza, watching English speaking TV and messing about on the Internet.  The little things can make the truly crap things seem easier to come to terms with.