We woke up at 1:30am, for the 2am set-off. We booked with Casa Verde in the end as it was open (we got there late) and we could park our van outside (note the issues with driving a car around this town). I won't lie, the walk up was pretty arduous and if I'm honest, I wanted to sack it all of when we got to the cabin a third of the way up. Gwyn, being the 'I've paid for it, I'll do it' type just kept egging me on, but he felt the burn at the half way point. After 3.5 hours, somehow, in the pitch black, we made it to the summit of San Pedro Volcano and watched the sunrise for 30 minutes (any longer and we would've froze to death). The views were undoubtedly awesome. Coming down took us 2.5 hours. Once at the bottom we went to the nearest cafe for food and then the Los Termales for lake-side views and to soak in the natural hot springs, trying mend our legs. 

Afterwards, we went to the sleepy weaving town of San Juan La Laguna to chill out and sort the van out for tomorrow's border crossing. There's a wine and cheese restaurant/shop here, but despite it being within opening hours, the gate was locked :-(. 

In the evening, we drove to the scruffy town of Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa. We were exhausted and slept 12 straight hours. No street food for us tonight.