The hostel do a tour that includes the Semuc Champey pools, hiking trail to a view point, a guided tour of the nearby Grutas K'anba and tubing for the price of 140 quetzals, including all entrance fees. This was a good deal as the difference worked out an extra 30 quetzals after deducting the entrance fees. 

The pools were beautiful and crystal clear. The viewpoint is definitely worth the sweaty 30 minute hike. We then went through the pools and jumped off natural platforms from the walled canyons. The best bit was the naturally carved slides flowing from one pool to the next. We all had such a good laugh. 

In the afternoon, we went to the Grutas K'anba for a caving experience with a twist...guided by a candle light. We did have our own head torches, but everyone opted for candles. We had to swim through the river in the cave, climb up/down steep ladders, jump off platforms into darkness, scrambling over rocks and waterfalls. If anyone who has done a ultimate caving experience, this will all sound familiar, but we'd completely recommend it all the same. 

Afterwards, we went tubing down the river and some of us jumped off the bridge. 

NB Recommend to wear trekking sandals or you'll have to go bare foot through the pools and cave. 

We met an Australian couple and took them to Lanquin. It was quite possibly one of the worst 10km we have had to date (on this travel stint). Literally a white knuckle ride. With the rain, it just made the slopes that much harder to get a grip on and although we made it to Lanquin safely, we passed several 4x4s in ditches trying to get out. Gwyn didn't want to continue, so we had beers in a hostel and one of the best buffet dinners we've ever had. We got our monies worth!