In the morning, Gwyn decided that he would get cracking on the gearbox, as the men hadn't shown up at the arranged time of 7am. In a rush to get things moving, he accidentally dropped the gearbox on his toe. Pretty sure it's broken. As he shouted in pain, I came running to him and my hit my thigh straight into a tree. That'll leave a bruise. Great start to the day. 

The mechanic didn't show up until 9am. You could tell he and his gang had pretty much given up and didn't know how to fix it. He suggested for Gwyn to go back to Guat to trade in the faulty gearbox (the new one that the mechanic had essentially broken as he didn't know what he was doing). Gwyn n I decided that for fear that the same thing would happen again (and quite frankly we didn't trust the mechanic's skills), we thought it would be better to bring the van to Guat, as opposed to the back and forth business. No surprise, the towing man came giving his foreign quote of 1400 quetzals (about $160USD/£115GBP ish). It was hard work knocking him down to that. 

The mechanic obviously wanted some money as he had spent over 2 days trying to sort it out. Gwyn was not impressed. The mechanic had done nothing but cost us money and more importantly, wasted our time. We refused to pay. Exhausted from all the grief, not being able to have showered as our water supply ran out (and shanty town didn't have anywhere to have one), not having a decent meal in days, we just couldn't deal with him anymore. He said he'd take the towing man to the address of the mechanic Gwyn bought the gearbox from, if we gave him 300 quetzals ($40USD/£25GBP). Stuck between a rock and hard place (as Gwyn had no idea where the garage was), we had to pay. About 50 people attended our farewell from shanty land. So glad to be out of there. 

When we got to Guat, the man who supplied the gearbox directed us to the garage who specialises in our vehicle and where the gearbox came from. Can't believe we have had to go through all these people, who will no doubt take their cut. The new mechanics said they'd repair Dougal for the bargain price of $50USD. Even though this was clarified five times, it best stand tomorrow. 

We were allowed to sleep in the van, but were not able to come out past 7pm, due to their psycho guard dogs roaming about. Sleeping in the middle of Gaut City ghetto, in a dusty garage car park with the dogs lurking around the van like hyenas...has seriously been the low part of the trip.

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