In morning we stopped at Coban, which was surprisingly well developed. We then made our way to Guatemala City, which was nothing short of chaos and were the rich/ poor divide is more evident than anywhere else. Shanty towns scattered the mountains. We didn't stay long and could see why everyone suggested to skip it.

In the afternoon, we arrived at Antigua, a colonial city surrounded by mountains and a volcano. The churches and ruins were pretty, the markets were interesting and the coffees shops were quaint. It's a pleasant city and definitely the nicest in Guat we have see so far. It's actually probably one of our favourites in Central America.  Everything to see is in walking distance, so it's just nice to stroll about. It also felt really safe, as opposed to Gaut city.

Late at night, we decided to head to Chichicastenango (try saying that after several Gallos). Be careful on this road as it has a couple of surprising hairpin bends, with chicken buses flying around at speeds and inevitably ending up on the other side of the road as they can't make it round the tight corners.