We woke up at 7am to start the town and jungle walk that tourists usually pay for, but Happy Fish gave us a free map. We met up with them at the waterfalls (Siete Altas) and paid 100 quetzals for the boat to Playa Blanco (including lunch and return journey). Siete Altas is a pleasant stop and you can jump in pools at the top. The water temperature is 'refreshing'. Playa Blanco had lovely white fluffy sand, but the sea wasn't particularly great. There's also nothing to do their except volleyball and hammock time. We wanted a rest, so we were happy with that.

Later, we went to Buga Mamas, which had amazing Topola and fish curries, and great views over the sea. 

In a nutshell, don't expect a tropical paradise with Livingston, but it makes a great spot for good food and some chill out time.