We arrived at Rio Dulce port at 9pm, in time for the once a day departure at 9:30am. The tickets were 125 quetzals each one way (you can get a slightly more expensive return, IF you are returning the same day). For a bargain 35 quetzals ($4.50USD/£3GBP) the guy also sorted us secure parking for Dougal.

The river ride was initially the standard boat trip, but then it became a beautiful ride through jungle scenery. We saw a fort, brightly coloured iguanas and numerous varieties of birds, and went through a steep-walled gorge.

We got to Livingston after 3.5 hours of boat travelling with little stops along the way, for swimming and snacks. Livingston is home to Garifuna people, who we found were friendly people in Beize.

We stayed at Casa Rosada in the end as we weren't fully convinced that Casa Iguana had the best security. There were gaps in the roof were it would be possible for people in the next room to climb over. On a previous trip, we met someone who was robbed this way in Thailand. For an extra 10 quetzals ($1.50USD/£1) we paid for a more secure AND water front hut in Rosada.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing on hammocks out on the casa's pier and walking around the town. Livingston is quite developed and despite it's none-existent access roads to the place, it has more cars than we expected. It's got a chilled atmosphere and good food. We'd recommend the food at Casa Nostra. Shrimp and pizza are their winners.

In the evening we went over to Casa Iguana to continue the beer drinking with friends we had made on the boat coming here. If you get here before 8pm, it's happy hour half price drinks!