We left Livingston in the morning, but it took ages as the majority of people in the boat wanted to do the river tour (what we did going there) as opposed to going direct. Once we got to Rio Dulce, we went through the markets, then made the 6 hour journey to Semuc Champey, famed for being one the worst roads in Guatemala. It wasn't the worse road we had conquered, but you definitely need a 4x4 vehicle and be prepared for steep inclines/declines, massive pot holes, land slide pile ups and ending with a bridge crossing that rocked as we went across and had panels missing. It was sketchy at times. It took us 6 hours. We did go through some interesting indigenous towns, with people staring as if they had never seen foreigners (albeit Dougal gets a lot of looks even in the most westernised countries). We inquired as to the other route (along 13, via Modesto Mendez and Sebol), which takes an estimated 13 hours. We made the right choice :-).

We parked at El Portal hostel (just after the bridge) for a small fee and spent the evening chatting to other travellers. Much needed Gallos!