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Importing your car into Guatemala from Belize. 

Belize Side

1) Pay departure tax $37.50pp.

2) Go to customs and cancel vehicle permit Cross to Guatemala.

Guatemala Side

You will need a photocopy of your vehicle registration/title and a photocopy of your passport and driver's licence.

1) Pay for pesticide spray - $13 Belize.

2) Go through immigration. They will try to ask for money. It's free! 

3) Go to custom's desk. They were not interested in the Passage de Carnet. 

4) Fill in the forms with your details and car details. 

5) Pay cashier 160 Guatemalan quetzals. They will only accept quetzals here. 

6) They give you a 90 day permit, a sticker for your window and a document to surrender when you leave. 

7) Drive to border. They will check your passport of the owner and the document you are to surrender on exit. No vehicle inspection.

8) we asked about insurance and were advised it was not required in Guatemala.

Driving in Guatemala

The majority of roads are smooth, nice roads. All the horror stories you hear about Guatemala roads are untrue. On a whole they have been some of the best roads we have encountered.

However, there are a few roads that are dodgy.  If you are planing to go to Semuc Champney, double if not triple your expected travel time. We averaged around 20km on this road for 120km. Expect terrain that only a 4X4 can handle. If it rains when you are at Semuc, or driving to Semuc, we would advise you to stop. The roads turn extremely slippery and 4X4s were struggling and stuck. With the sheer cliff drops and ditches either side of the road this may be a risk you are unwilling to take. Do not attempt this road at night. We managed 10km at night and had to stop as driving conditions were far to difficult.

Speed bumps may or may not be signed. 

Diesel is Q29 - 34 ($3.90USD or £2.30GBP per gallon) for a gallon. Many gas stations will accept US dollars for a poor exchange rate if you are desperate. 

We used the same GPS company as the system used in Belize. However the Guatemalan version is useless. Constantly freezes and is very innacurate in its locations. I would not recommend Caarte Data GPS for this country.

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