A 7:30am start meant we boxed off two 'fun dives' by 10am, then we spent the rest of the day out at sea, re-capping on all the skills we had learnt. We also found out PADI approved our First Aid Level 2, so we didn't have to do the top-up, relieving us of $160. Finally, saving money :-). 

The dives were okay. It's not whale season, so there wasn't going to be much chance of seeing whale sharks anyway and there's less marine life in Utila than its island neighbours. The coral formations were beautiful though and the weather provided perfect conditions, unlike some of our travel friends who were stuck last week in the 5 day storm here, with no boat departures/arrivals. That's a word of warning if you're travelling in the coast's wet season. 

We spent the night chatting about doing 'Aqua Poos' (it really is what you think it is) with people we met in Sambo Creek. You had to be there...