Apparently the course takes 4.5 days and not the 4 days as stated on the emails, which is a bit annoying as day 5 of island life was meant to be in Roatan. Gwyn wants the free dives, so he's not fussed about Roatan, plus we are going Corn Islands next week for the nice beaches, which Utila doesn't really have.

We just did theory today, which consisted of a 90-minute trapped in the 1980s video and then some worksheets. I pretty much copied from Gwyn. It took us a few hours and then we had to do this pointless emergency contact list ie going along to 10 dive shops asking for contact details and stamps. Waste of our time. 

In the afternoon we went to the Iguna Research Station. It's a 15 minute walk from Mango Inn. We have no idea why this is in the travel guides as all the iguanas are caged, you can't take any pictures because of the netting and holding them is out of the question. The 'tour' has a lot to be desired, but the young guy did tell us the story of Swampy, who was teamed up with 8 females to increase this endangered species and his two penises literally fell off from over-use. The moral of the story: don't sleep around if you're an iguana. It definitely puts the 'if you don't use, you lose it' phrase out of the water!

We'd definitely recommend mosaic mad Jade Seahorse bar/restaurant in the evening, if only to see how quirky it is and get a drink in Treetanic.