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The day we  went to D&D


The day we went to D&D

Waking up to Hotel Ville Telamar FREE facilities is a backpackers dream. Clean toilets and showers; swimming pools complete with slides; and powdery sand beaches just in front of the complex. After we used and abused, we made our way to Lago de Yojoa . We went to the Pulhapanzak waterfalls first, which are a 20km diversion from the main highway. There was a massive Christmas village gathering when we were there, so the place was busy and atmosphere buzzing. Drinks flowing at 10am...why not?! 

Another 12km south is the D&D brewery. Put Los Naranjos into the Sat-nav and look for the sign. This place has loads to offer eg hikes, fishing, tubing along the river, etc, BUT more importantly it has 8 beers it brews in its own micro brewery. We liked everyone of them, and the burgers were nothing short of amazing too. If you have time on your side, then this place is worth staying at for a couple of days (but you could fill up a week doing stuff here if you did everything though). 

We then made our way to Comayagua, stopping at several fish restaurants along the way for drinks in front of the lake.

Like Gracias, Comayagua didn't have loads to offer the tourist, but it did have a picturesque cathedral and is well developed if you want some home comforts eg franchise take-aways, modern clothing branded shops, cinema, etc. We parked up, watching the world go by, whilst Gwyn attempted to sort the brakes out on Dougal. Unfortunately, he only managed one side, but regardless, we plodded on to Tegucigalpa.