Gwyn started his advanced PADI diving, so he can do the deep dives in Belize, Galapagos, etc. He said that was lots of moray eels and massive shoals of fish.

I pottered about San Cabo Lucas all day, chatting to locals and catching up with friends on the endless free wi-fi connections dotted about the place. 

In the evening we headed to a beach outside the city to camp for the night. It was called Playa Las Vivdes. It felt safe and was filled with locals watching the sunset, old men fishing, young couples cuddling, teenagers drinking far too many tequila shots and playing broken salsa music at full volume. We put the awning up at the back of the van with the intention of sleeping under the stars again, but decided against it. Although, I woke up in the middle of the night screaming and not knowing where I was. Hope it doesn't happen again as I kept Gwyn awake for awhile. Still getting used to Dougal it seems.