I decided to test the diving out for myself, so joined Gwyn in the morning (as it's better visibility then). I was lucky enough to be able to dive Land's End, as it's not always possible to do with the strong current. It was an ok dive - ridiculously strong current though. I was also sick in my regulator 5 minutes into the dive, which was gross, but also meant I had loads of fish around me. Silver lining. The dive had the usual reef fish with huge box fish. I also got to snorkel around Pelican's Rock for free, whilst Gwyn dived again. That was really cool as there was massive schools of fish with pelicans diving into the water to feast. I also got to practice some free diving and managed to get to 8 metres most times and explore at that depth.

In the afternoon, I tracked down a cheap launderette and did our 2 weeks of washing, whilst Gwyn finished his course. I didn't have to drive far, before the police pulled me over and asked for my documents. When Gwyn drives, they don't flinch.

I got speaking to local people again, hearing their stories. I've found that Mexicans generally are really funny people and don't take themselves seriously.  I like them already...apart from the police.