Finally, border crossing day. We crossed near Ticate as opposed to the original planned Tijuna, due to playing catch-up across America and not going San Diego. It was quiet and really quick to pick up a tourist and vehicle permit. The immigration room was essentially a one man operation (who was watching Hannibal on his mini TV at the time, whilst stamping away at our passports). I was expecting a more thorough search through a van, but as soon as he saw those burgundy passports it was a 'take your word for it' and on we went to Ensenda. 

In contrast to those flat American roads, we quickly found out Dougal has a dislike for hills (don't we all?!) and tends to overheat (who doesn't in a desert?!). The bikinis have become standard driving attire and the camera is a little more snappy (two unlinked events ;-) ). 

Ensenda FYI is nothing to write home about. It's fairly well developed, especially after the moonscape, vineyards and dolomite landscape you inevitably pass if coming from the USA. We went to the recommended San Miguel beach, famous for it's surfing and where the late Jim Morrison used to hang out (apparently). It was a good base for us to properly clean Dougal, get things in their place, watch the amazing deep red sunset, whilst enjoying fajitas and red wine.