Having seen Guadalajara in the night glow, we spent the morning, retracting our steps and visited the gorgeous 4 plazas around the cathedral, with their manicured gardens, elaborate fountains and impressive masonry convention. We had breakfast on a cafe's balcony facing the cathedral. Perfect start. The cathedral inside isn't anything to write home about, but it's exterior makes up for it. We went on the GDL open top bus tour (departs outside the cathedral) around the city to learn about the history. The English audio guide on it was poorly recorded, but for a cheap 100 pesos, we can't complain too much. Would still recommend to do. 

We then pottered about the markets and took a horse ride around the plazas. Bargain hard ;-). 

In the afternoon, we arrived at Lago de Patzcuaro, stopping at towns such as Tzintzuntzan (very pretty by the way) and Patzcuaro. The lake was nice enough, but nothing special. We didn't bother going to the island in the middle as it didn't seem like much. It was a good place to munch and relax, but there wasn't a big enough draw for us to stay. 

We arrived in Morelia in the evening and parked near the Jardin Azteca (free and convenient to walk around). The Av Acueducto had a row of arches lit up and most of the major monuments throughout the city also had some colour projected onto it. The fountains and Cathedral were definitely the city's winners and I'd recommend the postcard picture-perfect Callejon de Romance, for quaint bars and chic restaurants. We spent the rest of the night sat at Cafe Catedral watching the 'hit and miss' performers - the best of which included a funny mime act and an impressive male choir.