After a few last minute shopping trips, we made our way to the ferry terminal (27km north of La Paz). Luckily most of the staff spoke English and we were able to go through the checks fairly easily. Plus we got our vehicle permit at the USA border crossing which saved time. All in all it took only 20 minutes. NB We had to pay an additional 146 pesos for 'taxes'.

We parked up and caught up with jobs on Dougal (switches that had melted in the heat, lights that were coming lose, windscreen wipers that needed changing, etc) and went through the 3 weeks worth of pics we'd taken so far.

They only allow one person to be in the vehicle when driving it onto the ferry, so I had to go through security on my own, which allowed women to walk through (their luggage wasn't even checked) but the men were thoroughly searched. Positive discrimination working in my favour.

Elsewhere, Gwyn was epically messing up parking the van on the ferry and actually reversed into it, so Dougal now sports a dint in his rear.

The ferry was similar to the Stena Line cruiseliners ie artic air-con, buffet style food and overpriced bars. It was actually better than I thought and for the 7 hour journey, it was adequate enough, especially as it is low season = not many passengers = clean public toilets.