So after a freaky night, we headed straight out the city to see Monte Alban. These are ruins set on a mountain and the morning mist gave them such an eerie appearance. Again, we were the first people there, but the tours groups started arriving at 9am. We both agreed that we preferred these ruins more than Teotihuacan, despite their lack of popularity.  Hopefully, you like the pictures and can see the appeal.

Next stop was San Antonio Arrazola, which was a town that made colourful wooden animal sculptures. It's a complete tourist trap, but we liked them. It's the type of thing we both get sucked into. We spent far too long contemplating, but opted for a wooden turtle and dragonfly. They may look ridiculous at home in the kitchen... 

Then we headed to Cuilapam, which was home to the beautiful, historic monestry, Ex Dominicano. It's worth the stop if you're passing.

Given it is Thursday, we also went to Zaachila's Thursday market. We didn't see any foreigners and it was a bit overwhelming, with the amount of action going on. There were so many stalls selling anything and everything, not to mention some interesting treats and the 'pick your live animal to kill'. 

Afterwards, we stopped by San Bartolo Cayotepec, which is known for its black pottery. There's some beautiful intricate work to be admired but buying anything and having to store it in the van for a year, hoping it won't smash, was not going to happen. It's surprisingly cheap to buy though.

Despite it being Halloween night, we decided to head down to Hierve El Agua for a more peaceful evening. NB The last 11km to get here requires a 4x4. We saw many attempts by the rental vehicles that did not make it. Once here, the mineral springs offer cliff-top and frozen waterfall panoramas. It's a unique bathing experience and right up my street. Watching the sunset, swimming alone in the infinity pools was so relaxing, capped of a rather perfect sight-seeing day. Smiles all round.