Having driven to Teotihuacan the night before, we were first people at the gate (number 2 to avoid the confusion we had) at 7am. We first climbed the highest pyramid (Piramide of the Sun), and then for another angle, climbed the second highest (Piramide of the Moon). Even though these are 'only' the third biggest pyramids in the world, there's no doubting that these don't have the same 'wow' factor as their larger rivals. What the Mexican pyramids do have in their favour is, you can climb them all the way to the top and we had the whole site to ourselves for the first 2 hours, so watching the sunrise on top of the pyramid with a few hot air balloons over us, was one of those travelling highlight moments. At 9:30am the tour groups started arriving, so we headed to the La Ciudadela/ Templo de Quetzalcoatl area to avoid the crowds. This is a must-do (even if you are tired of walking by now) as it's not like the other two. Albeit it's smaller, but if you climb it, you are able to see facades and carvings in their original state, rather than behind glass in a museum. By this point, the Mexican mid-morning heat had kicked in, so we headed to the museum and Jardins Botanico (both didn't take long to do). There's the usual hawkers pressuring you to buy, but they only came at 10am, so coming early here definitely pays of. All in all, we spent a full 5 hours around the site, and for a price tag of 57 pesos (about £3) to get in, it's winner winner chicken dinner.

NB If you have the cash, I'd recommend to do this site in a hot air balloon before exploring on foot, as the postcard pics looked wicked from this height. Plus, a hot air balloon ride over somewhere awesome is a definite bucket list goal. We've been in one before and although we would've liked to have done it here, it was way over our travel budget for our Mexico section. C'est le vie.

Next stop...Oaxaca (the city with the cool name).