You haven't been Mexico until you've gone on a trajinera (gondola) ride on the Xochimilico canal system. We bargained hard for a 4 hour trip for 500 pesos (£25 ish) for 2 people. For 3.5 hours we didn't see a single tourist. The ride was awesome - a freaky doll island with cats all over the place, the sculpture of the weeping ghost woman, Day of Dead sculpture island, beers for £1, Mexican banquet...then came the crowds...mariachi singers and drunken foreigners (good mix of both aspects).

We took a lot of pictures of the doll island. The story behind this was some kookie old guy thought the dolls protected him. When he was alive he would push a pram full of them around Mexico City. Each to their own. Visitors actually donate their broken dolls, teddies, barbies to the island. He also liked cats and there's at least 10 roaming about the place. This was as far as our Spanish understanding got us. Still...interesting. 

As we can't officially drive our vehicle around Mexico City today (see previous day issues) we drove as frantically as we could to the nearest wi-fi cafe to chill for once. After the dealing with the stupid sat-nav, arguing, and barely making the green light...we got there with no police encounters.