Mexico City. Didn't think we'd ever make it here. A milestone in the trip; we hit 5000 miles on the clock. Today consisted of A LOT of walking (the are metros are cheap, but you see more walking about in my it works off those tacos). As we were staying in the centro historico, everything major was within walking distance, so we went around Alameda Central including the Bellas Artes; saw the Casa de Azulejos (house of tiles); lots of churches; the Zocalo where there was a massive protest (about fuel, I think) full of thousands of people; the Catedral Metropolitana; and of course the Templo Major (Aztec site and museum). The plazas dotted about the city were pretty with great cafes for that caffeine fix. Plaza Santo Domingo won us over with it's big letters. See photos. Of course, there was a 'on the street shop' every few metres selling literally anything you can think of...police taser gun anyone?! For a proper Mexican shopping experience visit Centro de Artesanias la Ciudadela for those kitsch souvenirs and fab singers. We liked. 

Mexico City has to be one of the most interesting cities I have ever been to. There is something going all the time - day or night. You could spend hours watching the world go by in awe...and that's not even the street performers. Traffic here is carnage and like most Mexican cities, stray dogs and rubbish are a bit of a problem, but on the whole, it's a beautiful city. I didn't feel particularly unsafe, but neither did I go swinging around the camera to attract that kind of attention. There are a lot of museums here, so you could spend a month seeing all them, but it's not really our cup of tea.

In the evening we wanted to have a real flavour of Mexican culture, so we put on our brightly coloured gimp masks to watch the semi-final wrestling match at Arena Mexico. To say people were into it, would be an understatement. Buy tickets at the arena (there's no additional admin charges and they're legit). We paid 168 pesos (about £8) for third row seats. It was fairly entertaining, definitely a good laugh and impressive skills on show. A Mexican must-do. NB You aren't meant to take your camera inside, but we managed to sneak it in. No-one was fussed about us snapping away until Mystico came on, then it was just phone-taking pics. Made no sense.

Make sure you also go to Torre Lation Americano for a night observation of the city. We swindled a freebie by saying we were having a drink in the restaurant, then 'accidentally' pressed 42.