We woke up to a perfect surprise over the bay and whilst having breakfast, watched seals frolic about.

Ensenda is dusty and surprisingly mountainous in it's surroundings. You constantly have to stop every 10 metres; stop signs conveniently placed outside shops. It's a bit annoying, especially as Dougal is also not a fan of 'city driving' either.  He doesn't like much to be honest.

We drove down highway 1 to San Ignacio which jumped between small towns, with their fish taco and flower pot stalls, and thousands of hectares covered with billions of cacti in all shapes and sizes. Some were skinny, tall and curly, others were fat and looked almost fluffy-like. Never seen anything like it. There was such variety. Very cool to see. After messing about with stop/starts all day, we didn't make San Ignacio for nightfall and had to endure an awful last hour journey in almost complete darkness. Gwyn almost crashed into another vehicle, which obviously left us the edge of our seats for the remainder of the journey.

Bonus though, when we got to the RV park, we didn't have to pay :-).