We went on the EcoCat today, which we prebooked online at a discounted price. We got the cheap ticket that didn't include unlimited drinks or the lunch as it was just a 3 hour trip. We got to go to Land's End again and see the arch, which is the end point (as the area suggests) of the peninsula. If you are in this area, it's a must-do. The beaches around there are equally great too, including Playa del Amor. We then headed to Santa Maria for kayaking. Gwyn did some snorkelling, but didn't rate it, so I didn't bother going back in. We pretty much sunbathed the rest of the trip out on the front of the Catamaran. We didn't bring enough sunscreen with us, so even though it was an overcast day, we both got roasted. I'm currently sporting a ridicules white hand print on my leg and Gwyn's neck and arms are on fire. That'll teach us to bring the last of the bottle of something and not a back-up. 

We then headed to Todos Santos for the festival and was advised to go see the turtle hatching in the evening. This wasn't mentioned in any guide book we had come across. Despite the town being fairly small, it took us ages to find the beach after asking so many people with conflicting directions. We got there just in time (6pm for a reference). It's a conservation program run by a local man. We got to witness about 100 2-inch turtles being released as the sun was setting. It was truly amazing to see. We stayed there for over an hour watching the 3 different batches being released and hoping they'd make it. Unfortunately, a few were eaten by prying seagulls.

Afterwards, we wondered around the festival taking place in the centre of Todos Santos, which was celebrating the founder/patron saint of town. The festival consisted of many stalls of tack, old school games, religious souvenirs, toxic-coloured candy floss, and the usual fairground rides. We were too late for the performances and parade but it was interesting nevertheless. 

We met an American lady at the turtle hatching. She'd had an interesting life, who has made her way through Central America living a country one month at a time. She gave us some advice and we shared our weird travel stories. We also gave her a lift back to La Paz, where we stayed in a Walmart car park for the night (again).