Today we visited Mision San Ignacio de Kadakaaman and surrounding town square, which is worth the stop if you're in the area. 

We then headed to Mulege and went to the recommended Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulege, which was surrounded by a palm trees and a river, so makes for good pics. This is also where Gwyn realised that we had lost one the solar showers. It must have flew off somewhere. That's a waste of $15USD.  Seems be a common theme in our trips. 

We then went beaching hopping along the Bahia Concepcion, including Playa Santispac, Playa Perla and had the 'famous' burgers at Bueneventura. It have been the fact we were starving, but they were nothing short of amazing. Just a mile up the coast we made camp at Playa Recesion. It wasn't mentioned in any tour books, but the locals recommended it. Essentially you drive onto a strip of sand when the tide is down, so when the tide rises, you were marooned on the island until the tide goes out again. It was quiet and even though the sand wasn't the best we've seen, it was an awesome spot to relax in our hammock, sun bathe and snorkel in the milky green-blue waters, with the mountains in the background. Much needed relaxation time.

Gwyn made makeshift spears so we could catch our dinner.  We couldn't work out why our spears were failing (we'll blame our tools), until we realised we used driftwood to make them, so they flew back at us as soon as we threw them at fish.  City slicker fail. 

Gwyn made a fire that evening and we toasted marshmallows whilst watching the sun set.

Wicked place for stargazing - some of the best we've ever seen. The sky was the completely littered with bright stars and you could make out the Milky Way.