The day started off with me shouting at Gwyn for leaving my snorkel behind at the dive centre in San Cabo Lucas. Upon booking the Espiritu Santo we then realised he'd also left my booties behind. It sounds ridiculous now, but I was really upset. All I could think about was having to use a full days budget for 2 people replacing items unnecassarily. The situation was exacerbated by me having the worse nights sleep I've ever had the night before - sunburnt, no fans, constant sweating, lack of sleep.

Gwyn creeped around me and we made it up during the day. I think the Ticate beer, swimming with wild playful sealions, snorkelling in crystal clear waters, and feasting on a tradition Mexican lunch helped. We were hoping (a very slim chance) that we'd see Whale Sharks on the way back, but it's not the season.  We have trips further down central and south that'll mean we can do it then.

This was a full day trip, so we only got back at 5pm. We spent the evening cruising around town for wifi, then watching an outdoor Mexican rock/indie concert (for free :-)) .