We woke up at sunrise and wondered around Merida. It's known to have the prettiest plaza in Mexico, but although we thought it was nice, we've certainly seen better eg Campeche. Merida does have some attractive churches and Cathedral though.

We then drove to Chichen Itza, so we could beat the tour groups to it. Surprisingly it was really quiet for the first hour we were there. However, the site itself was a little underwhelming for us. If we hadn't been to any other Mayan ruins, we probably would've been 'wowed', but you can't get close to them, let alone climb them; the site and pyramids are smaller than Teo and Palenque; and it doesn't have that mysterious spiritual setting such as Monte Alban (on top of a mountain) or Palenque (in the jungle). It was packed with stalls selling gimmicky t-shirts and glued-together masks too. However, the ball court there was the biggest we've seen and you could actually stand inside it, so you get a look at the facades. It's worth noting that these ruins are three times the price as the others, so it doesn't make for a cheap day out.

All in all, it wasn't our favourite, but we've ticked off another seventh wonder of the modern world, so it's a must-see.

Just 3km south of Chichen Itza, we went to the Ik Kil cenotes (caves) for lunch. It was seriously cool way of swimming, with vines hanging 60 metres above and the sun beaming in from the giant hole. Apparently this is the most tourist, but as it's our first cenote, we have nothing to compare it to. We enjoyed it and it has platforms to practice those dive bombs.

After we headed to Cancun and booked onto a few little treaties for my birthday celebrations. The money has dried up on the Mexican budget, what with the police issues that we didn't predict (see previous blog notes), so our change-up money from the parentals has come in useful. Muchos gracias if you are reading this :-)