We got woken up a few times last night to epic thunder and lightening, but the rain had cleared in the morning and Gwyn picked us some coconuts off the palm trees for breakfast. 

We got to Tulum ruins first thing. The site is small but beautifully set against the coast and 'Castaway' beaches. The ruins themselves are also much smaller than the others we have been to and like Chichen Itza, you can't climb on them or discover them more. The setting completely makes this place; it's very photogenic. When we left, we must have passed over 200 tourists walking down the 800 metre entrance path, so come here first thing and make sure you do the beach here

We decided to head back to the quieter beaches we were at last night for some R&R before the drive to Belize. Turquoise sea and white sand beaches - the best way to finish of our Mexican adventure. This is the life. 

Rather than stay the night, we made our way to Chetamal (Mexico-Belize border crossing) for a bit of McDonald's freebie wi-fi action. Excited for our new chapter :-)