Finally, we got to Puerto Vallarta in time for the 8am tour to Islas Marietas. We spent the day paddle boarding and snorkelling around uninhabited islands, abusing the unlimited bar, watching the strange Mexican performances and eating the best buffet food I've ever come across.  It was the perfect day as we had made it onto the cave beach.  Take note, as there is only a 40% success rate of getting onto the beach as it depends on the tide and sea conditions, which are not known until the boat gets there (how they wouldn't know that before they depart and take your money we question...erm). We booked with Vallarta Adventures, which is a popular professional company, but they aren't cheap. 

We spent some time in the secluded cave with perfectly clear waters. One of my Mexican highlights.

Later, we drove up the coast and through the jungle. We made camp near a secluded beach cove and watched the sunset whilst swimming in the sea.