The tourism board have made a mini theme park of attractions in Areponapuchi, complete with cable car system down into the Canyon, zip-lines, quad bikes and horse riding, to try to entice the tourists to come. The whole set-up had only been in operation for a few years, so it was quiet and we could do any of the activities immediately. We opted for the zip-line tour of the Canyon. We've done a lot of zip-lines in the past and even though Grose Mountain in Vancouver, Canada and Mauritius zip-line tour are our favourites of all time and win hands down, it was cool to zoom over the Canyon at up to 100km. Plus the Copper Canyon is home to the longest zip-line in the world! 

After this 2 hour experience, we started the long journey to Durango. The roads were alright - fairly pot hole free.  Finally :-).