We slept on the outskirts of Matagalpa, as Dougal needed some welding doing at the front. For a snip at $10usd for 2 hours work, we'll have some of that. 


We then headed into Matagalpa city, home of coffee and cacao. We got bored of Museo del Cafe fairly quickly though, as it was basically reading a Wikipedia history of Matagalpa. We looked around the town, which is huge and has everything you could think of buying. Unfortunately, as we were leaving, Dougal fails to start. 2 hours later and after a hoard of locals join in on oiling themselves up, he's fixed. 

We went to El Castillo de Cacao to learn about the history, production and taste some organic chocolate. The tours run from 10am - 2pm, but as Dougal played up, we got there 15 minutes late. That car grr. We used the admission money on the tour to buy chocolate though. Budget well spent today. We then left to go to Esteli. We tried to get onto the cigar factory tours, as we've enjoyed these before, but due to the Christmas period, they weren't doing any tours. Instead, we looked around the Parque Central, cathedral and markets.

We decided to camp out in Reserva Natural Cerro Tisey-Estanzuela (turn at the hospital as you're leaving Esteli). All the sights (that we are doing tomorrow) are listed along the road.