Dougal does his morning ritual of causing us grief as we search the streets of Granada trying to get a part for the breaks. In the end Gwyn fixes it by using a piece of string. This is a temporary fix apparently... 

We head to Laguna de Apoya were Monkey Huts let you rent kayaks and tubes for $6usd all day. The water is warm and it's well worth the stop to escape the heat. Some people attempted the walk around the lake, which took hours and hours. They regretted it. Relaxing is the name of the game here. 

At 4pm, we rocked up to Masaya volcano night tour (pre-booked days before at the office). For $10usd we got the same tour as others who had booked with a tour outside the park for $30usd. It included a walk up to the main viewpoint and walk around the rim, some information about the volcano and the area, a night tour of the bat cave, and viewing the lava at the bottom of the smouldering cauldron. Unfortunately, due to the change of wind direction we just saw A LOT of smoke. That's nature for you. Everyone was coughing and the taste stuck on the back of our throats, so if you have breathing/chest problems, this wouldn't do you any favours. The tour was on from 4:30pm - 7:30pm, so despite the fact we didn't see the lava and the tour was extremely disorganised, it meant we could head to port for departure to Isla de Ometepe tomorrow. 

We pulled up just 5km from San Jorge port to get to the island the next day. As we were sorting out dinner just off the road, a truck driver told us to move on as it was a dangerous area. Taking the advice, we tried to start up the van and move along. Unbelievably, the van wouldn't start and we literally rolled into a nearby secure parking in all our glory. We didn't get to sleep until 2am, with truckers blaring out their hip hop music whilst making chat to each other from their hammock beds underneath their vans. Poor Gwyn worked for hours trying to get Dougal to show some form of life, but no avail.