At 9am we left with Big Foot hostel to go volcano boarding on Cerro Negro, one of the most active volcanos in Central America. We had to walk up the volcano first, which although hot at times and the wind was extremely strong, it was only 45 minutes to the top. We then put on boiler suits (filling us with confidence) and shown the technique of how to ride the board (essentially a piece of wood with a bit of rope to hang onto). Gwyn braved the volcano first and managed to get a 51km speed at the bottom. I went after him and clocked 69km, which happened to be the fastest speed of the day, out of the group of 16 people. Chuffed with that one :-). Several people took it too serious and literally had sulks at the bottom, throwing their boards down. Other than that, we absolutely loved it. It's the only place in the world to offer such an activity, and if we had more time, we would've had another go. It is possible to do this activity by just going to the volcano yourself and paying the entrance fee at a fraction of the cost that Big Foot were charging, but you won't get a boiler suit and goggle protection (highly recommended), shown how to use the board, have free photos taken, got someone to take your speed, got given a free t-shirt, two alcoholic drinks each, and transportation there and back (that's an adventure in itself with the conditions of the road). For us, it was worth paying the extra $15usd each (the difference in price).

In the afternoon, we went to the cinema around the corner and watched Hunger Games 2. Most films are in English, with Spanish subtitles, but just clarify before going in. It was nice to have a taste of home life, relax and get out of the heat. 

Later, we walked around Leon, checking out the Cathedral, churches and shops, then went back to the hostel and met a Canadian guy who cooked for us for free. Random.