A 7am start with Va Pues tours (they're next to the Cathedral in Parque Central), we had a bike tour around the city and along the malecon, then got a boat ride through the Las Isletas, were we saw the fancy homes of ex-pats who have managed to get their 'I have my own island' dream.  We also went to monkey island, with its 4 cheeky residents. It was pleasant and a great way to start the day. We then continued by bike to the end of the peninsular and chilled at the end over-looking the lake. We then did the 1 hour bike ride back to the Cathedral, passing through farming communities in the intense heat. The tour was $20usd and for the price it was worth it, but don't expect much information regarding the city town aspect of it. Gwyn's love of bikes meant he was happy, especially given the low point moment yesterday brought.

At midday, we ate on 'Gringo Street' (along side the Cathedral), then looked around town including going to the chocolate museum. 

Christmas dinner is eaten on Christmas Eve here, with turkey sandwiches on Christmas Day. They had numerous buffet dinner options along 'Gringo Street' and then we bar hopped our way along. There was a massive firework display at midnight around Parque Central and a street party. We finished our Christmas Eve, with beers, watching 'Home Alone' and eating hot dogs from the street vendors. The way things should be :-).