The Corn islands are the last remaining Caribbean islands left relatively untouched by tourism. Even Big Corn (our first stop for a few days) is lacking in gringo numbers on the short flight over here. For $180usd for return flights, it's steep for those on a budget, but there are cheaper options to get a boat (if you fancy a 13 hour rocky ride to Bluefields). When we landed we were greeted with tropical weather - a tropical storm. Typical.

We got a waiting taxi with a Mexican girl, who recommended us to stay at G & G hotel. You could walk it, but with the down pour and the fact it's only $20cordobas pp (approx $1usd) for any distance, we took the easy option. At $15usd a night we get a large private room (go for the second floor) with two double beds and our own bathroom. The english speaking owner also does laundry for a small fee. Good job we brought a full bag then.

You could walk around the island in a couple of hours, but for us, it was time to eat seafood, check out the diving and catch up on some zzz's. Life is hard.

I've unfortunately got the inevitable traveller's stomach bug. To make matters worse, Gwyn flooded the bathroom (I can't even begin to explain the complicated process in flushing the toilet), resulting in an ice-skating rink for those emergency bathroom runs. Brilliant.