At 9am we boarded a panga to take us to Little Corn ($6usd). It was apparently 30 minutes, but it felt a lot longer, especially as everyone flew up from their seats whenever the boat whacked against a wave. Never have either of us been on a boat ride that resembled a rollercoaster ride as much as this one.

When we can arrived (drenched from the ride), we turned right at the end of the dock, in order to get to the other side of the island at Cocal beach. There seemed to be no negotiation on price at the four places next to each other (maybe due to it being December?!). We eventually decided to stay at Elsa's place, as the rooms were bigger, they came with private bathrooms for the same price as shared bathrooms with the other competition close-by, and the beach out the front was immaculate. Our cabin was literally 4 metres away from the sea. Can't complain much for $25usd per night for a room with a view.

In the afternoon, we went diving with Dive Little Corn. They offer the same prices as Dolphin Dive (eg a one-tank dive is $35usd pp), but we got a 10% discount with our Trekcat card (several places in Central America give them out for free, but we got ours from Jungle River Lodge, Honduras. NB They also had them at Utila Dive Centre, Honduras). We dived at Stanley Reef, which was meant to be plagued by nurse sharks. We didn't see one. It wasn't the best dive, but that maybe due to the strong currents at the moment. We only heard good things about the diving here though.

Kite surfing is big here, but at $250usd a pop for a 2-day course, we gave it a miss. Maybe it we had been there on a holiday we would've taken up the offer...

After diving, we watched the sunset by the dock.

In the evening, we celebrated Gwyn's birthday at Turned Turtle. It's the next place along after Sunrise Paradise/Carlitos. The food was fairly cheap for the Corn Islands, but more importantly it tasted amazing, especially the ribs. We were also seated in our own private seating area on the beach, a couple of metres from the sea. We had some cocktails and beers, which are expensive part of the meal, then walked along the beach back to our cabin. Feel so happy and lucky to be here.

During the night, there was a huge storm that woke us both up. Even though we were shouting at each other a feet away, we could barely hear what the other was saying (much to Gwyn's delight I bet).