Overland South America Overview


Overland South America Overview

After a disastrous start of the 'Overland South America' expedition, following from our 'Overland Central America' trip, we decided to re-group, re-tool and revisit the UK.

In a nutshell, Dougal (our overland expedition vehicle) sent us over the edge. We spent our last 4 days in Venezuela being looked after by the loveliest family (with nothing asked for in return) whilst trying to fix Dougal’s never-ending issues.  His final performance (or lack thereof) was limping 700 miles from Venezuela to Colombia, with only first and fourth gears working. That was a challenge over the Andes!

Although, Land Rovers are big in Colombia we decided to get rid of our bad omen and ship Dougal back; get a newer and better (or rather, more reliable) expedition vehicle (we hope); work a little more so we can stay out in South America even longer; get our new website up and running now we have fast free Wi-Fi. This is an unpredicted pit stop, but having weighed up the pros and cons, and it is the sensible decision.

In February 2014, Linzi arrived back to the UK in search of work, whilst Gwyn stayed out in Colombia sorting the shipping out. Since then, Linzi has ditched the lawyer work in favour of more profitable tutoring and has worked in St Petersburg (Russia), London (England) and Istanbul (Turkey) teaching rich brats.  Since April 2014 she taught in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and then went with the family to San Francisco for the summer.  Not a bad business trip.

Gwyn has been working as an extra on a World War One film set (very random); brought Dougal home, stripped him and mended his naughty ways and he’s now sold; has transformed the site from zero to (we hope) hero; and more importantly, purchased the new overland machine, Kermit. The Land Rover 110 300TDi will hopefully serve us well for our currently planned 18-month stint around the South American continent. Gwyn has spent many many hours on Kermit converting him into our expedition vehicle, home and office. This is our third expedition vehicle and the second ‘we’ have built. We’d like to now think we have a good idea of what works, what we need and what was a complete disaster from previous experience. 

So buckle up, the road is going to get bumpy, and follow us around the fourth largest continent as we aim to give you a honest account of the places, activities and sights; what it is like travelling as a couple; and to document our adventures through uploading pictures and videos. And, as always, we'll continue to live by our travel mantra:

We are set to hit South America once again in Autumn 2015.



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